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LogiMAT Best Product Award 2013
Crown QuickPick® Remote System increases
order picking productivity by up to 25%

Crown, one of the world's largest forklift manufacturers, invented QuickPick Remote to allow order pickers to control the movement of their trucks from a distance while keeping both hands free.

The wireless transceiver and controls are incorporated into a special glove. This results in less steps, less carrying, less on/off motions and less risks for the order pickers. QuickPick Remote is tailored to the Crown GPC 3000 order picker forklifts and delivers extraordinary process improvements for order picking applications.

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Ken Dufford
Vice President Europe at Crown:

"Automation will be one of the key challenges our industry has to deal with thoroughly. For example, one of the applications that have emerged as a good fit for automation is high-volume order picking where the operator is able to remotely advance the forklift, eliminating the need to climb on and off the order picker multiple times. With QuickPick Remote, Crown has taken a considerable step towards safely automating certain warehouse processes as part of a carefully thought-out warehouse automation strategy."