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IMHX Design 4 Safety Award 2013
An Entry Bar Safety Switch on the Crown
WT 3040 pallet truck reduces risk of injury

Crown, one of the world's largest forklift manufacturers, offers the pallet truck WT 3040 with an innovative Entry Bar Safety Switch, which protects the operator from foot injuries.

This bar is integrated into the leading edge of the fixed platform and does not allow operation of the pallet truck when the operator's foot depresses the switch. In practice this means the truck will not move until the operator's feet are safely within the confines of the forklift.

The jury stated that Crown made a measurable contribution to improving safety awareness through this system. This safety feature together with Crown's FlexRide™ suspension are great examples for Crown's focus on operator safety and comfort.

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Christian Fuchs
Regional Manager, DSV:

"The floating suspension of the WT 3000 Series means our drivers don't suffer from backache, knee pains or fatigue, and the fact that they're protected from harm if they stand in the wrong position on the platform makes the truck exceptionally safe."

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